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Cell Phone War
The 55 minute documentary, "Cell Phone War", was translated into English and aired last month on French television and features Dr. George Carlo along with a number of other medical scientists concerned about the dangers of cell phones.



von Klaus Scheidsteger
Übersetzung Claudia Marker
Klaus Scheidsteger

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A Message from the Filmmaker

This movie, “The Cell Phone War”, was produced in 2005, and has brought forth important information previously withheld from consumers.  Because new facts continue to emerge, I am now completing work on a 90-minute cinema movie which will integrate the latest political and scientific evidence from around the world. We expect to release that film in 2007.  In only the past year, scientific knowledge about the mobile phone health problem has doubled, even as efforts to suppress it have increased! Thus, the new film, “The Boiling Frog Principle”, is a dramatic continuation of the messages contained in “The Cell Phone War”.
Klaus Scheidsteger
October 2006


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